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Hi Friends,

We are promoting one of our sites and want to send thousands of mass bulk emails. Can you plz suggest me someway to send bulk emails without getting spammed and without limitations. I do not mind buying some software but its cost should be reasonable or free. Any help is appreciated.




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I use Interspire Email Marketer. A bit pricey, but very professional:
Email Marketing | Email Marketing Software | Interspire Email Marketer

I've also heard good things about Email marketing software: Mailing software | SendBlaster
and Email Marketing and Email List Manager | MailChimp

Some tips:
1. Send the email from a domain you own rather than a free account like gmail.
2. Provide real contact details and an opt out method.
3. Limit how many emails you send per hour.
Oh my god it is tooooooooooo much costly.. 495 $ :eek::eek:
Do you know any free or Pro newsletter for SMF that comes under 50$ except smf news letter pro?


I would avoid mass emailing because it seems like nobody reads commercial emails. A better bet would be to focus on developing a large following on social media. After you've built up say your Facebook group or page, then simply post updates which contain your sales pitch.


MailJet seems to be a good option in such case. I am using it for one of my client. And they seem to be blasting some good offers to the users. Though it may not work out good enough on many grounds. MailGun is another option. Though it's not easy to use these type of the services. But for those who are developers can make use of such options for mail sending and marketing.
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