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There's here, of course, and I know a lot of people use flippa, but are there any other places you'd recommend to sell a site or domain. I might be trimming my portfolio back and aside from flippa I haven't seen anywhere else really to sell them that handles escrow.

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I am not experienced but what i learned these days, i can share it with. You can sell your domain few ways.

1. Selling it in a marketplace like Sedo , Flippa and Afternic . If you have good domain and you are sure you it will be sold through , then go for it. Otherwise you will lose money. If your domain is .io, tech related or domain hack, then go for flippa.

2. Through you own website ( if you have one )

3. The best way is through email marketing. Search for leads. send them email ( to the point ) and you will get a good customer. But don't overprice it. If u think your domain deserves $ XXX, then ask only $ XXX , if u think your domain deserves above that then ask them that.


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Forums are a good place to market our domain for selling. You will get lot more viewers and responses at affordable prices. I would recommend checking out Digital Point Forum as a start.


Digital Point is a real pain to navigate through in my opinion. They are a little too "busy" and unorganized for my taste. I would recommend Sedo.Just my personal preference.


I think when you are selling the domain after some time. Make sure it has some value apart from just being the name being important. If you sell the developed sites with it. That can give you more value. And people surely make more money this way. I have seen some flippa domains sold like this and they do generate some good money in return.


For now I've stuck a single page website up with an article and some ads to get revenue and listed it for sale on Sedo. Their parking wasn't great, but they are really easy to set up domain auctions on. Flippa was a bit too involved and wanted all kinds of personal data to list it.
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