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I am starting a web hosting company.

I would like to offer the naturals, and some pre made templates, I would also like to have people located IN India work with my clients to "fill in the templates" and "work with my hosting clients" as needed.

This will be an hourly job at first with the opportunity for full time position. If the job is handled well there is hope not just for expansion but possible management roles DOWN THE ROAD as well.

If anyone knows anybody in India that would be interested please have them send me a resume with any actual design work they have done, php modifications, custom modification (before/after) web sites. So on ...

If they don't have all of them, no worries ... We can run a test once I get down to (hopefully) a 3 candidate selection pool.

Again, include expected hourly wages - min hours that are acceptable per week, and most importantly what a monthly salary expected would be if brought on Full time.

The best part of this, is they will hopefully be dealing with ONLY Indian residents :)


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