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While Sedo is known to be one of the best places to park domain names, we come to know that Afternic is now going to be associated with GoDaddy.
I think Afternic is going to dominate the Domain Parking and selling market from this march onwards.

We may expect some top sales to turn up from Afternic thereafter.

What do you guys think??
SEDO is not a poor choice but you practically not earn good penny parking with them, but the transactions are quite simple. Although Afternic also has a lot of payment options, Paypal included. And in my opinion regarded to customer service and platform quality, Afternic is just a better choice than SEDO.
Not sure about parking, but lately Afternic has stepped up its game with regards to sales and is certainly worth a closer look.
I have used sedo a few times to sell some domains and they have always been good to me, I personally can't fault them. I have heard people recommending the godaddy domain auctions site which is also supposed to be pretty good and I recommend you check them out too as godaddy owns afternic as well so you will get pretty much the same experience from both.
I also prefer Afternic because of their great support team. I did sell a couple of domains with Sedo in the past, but since I started parking my domains with Afternic, I have not used Sedo in a while now.
I prefer Sedo for ease of transactions. What does Afternic do to handle transactions? Do they have a secure transfer service such as Sedo? After all how do you receive payments? Are payments received via check and wire only? Are they able to accept PayPal?
I think that the association with godaddy will work well for them, but to be honest Sedo is a strong company, especially in transaction as you say menanisonfire.
My experience with SEDO is lot better compared to the AfterNIC. I have also used the Flippa. And that means I have lot to go ahead with SEDO. The reason being some of the ads on the SEDO convert for the parking page. Escrow is good too. So overall I think I have more reasons to go with them.


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