Sedo for Domain Parking!!


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Sedo is one of the biggest names and marketplace when it comes to domain parking and exposing your domain to hundreds of thousands of prospective buyers who are looking for a domain name similar to yours.
Chances are, you may make some good sales for the domain name you registered few days/months back.
Besides, if the domain does not sell, there is always an ad revenue pouring in, which is very less, but ultimately add up to give a good sum of money.
For a new domain registration receiving some traffic, I think the revenue would add up to atleast pay the price of the domain back.
The profit is whatever you sell the domain for.
I have had a great experience with Sedo
Highly recommended resource for Domainers!!


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That's ridiculous!! But yeah, the exposure that your domain gets, is somehow compensated!!
Earlier they were paying good sum for clicks.

And the payout is 20 euros!!
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