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    Here are some domain names that were purchased by end users on Sedo over the past week. $12,377 – Software company TriStar $2,500 – is the company’s IT manager buying domains for himself? Seems like an odd one. $2,600 – Here’s another one where the WHOIS information might be misleading. Although the email is the whois is for Sprinklr, I believe this is an employee buying a domain name for himself. $4,000 – The buyer used the registrant name Doolim in whois. I $2,495 – Moxley Welding and Machine Service, Inc., which uses the domain name €3,900 – Ascensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG currently uses the .com version of this domain. $8,000 – Shoplite appears to be a new site that sells products on installment plans. $3,499 – American Journal Publication Excellence provides journalism and writing services. €2,100 – Indeca is a German software development firm.

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