Seattle based GraphLabs rebrands as after a funding of $18.5 million


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According to TechCrunch, Seattle-based GraphLab has raised $18.5 million in new funding and picked up a new name, Dato.
Smartly, the company is now using for its new website.
The acquisition price was around $9,000.

In a press release announcing the rebranding and funding, the company stated that it “changed its name and brand from GraphLab to Dato, reflecting the evolution of its popular machine learning platform which now enables the creation of intelligent applications based on any type of data, including graphs, tables, text and images.”

This seems to be a wise rebranding decision. Dato seems like a concise, relevant brand name. It is easy for people to remember, and is also a short domain name. It does not look like Dato was able to get the Dato Twitter or Dato Facebook handles.
The company appears to have acquired the exact match .com domain name for a reasonable price.
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