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    Search volume is extremely important!

    The more people that search for a term the more value a domain name has that matches exactly to the searched term.

    It is a proven SEO fact that having a domain name that matches an exact matched search term greatly helps in SERP's. .com Expires 2009-04-18
    Price 200$

    Good domain name. Expires 2010-01-28
    Price 500$

    Every one loves amazing vacation.

    Google's Approximate Search Volume,January: 9,900, Approx Average Monthly Search Volume: 14,800, Advertiser Competition is very high for "vacation tour". [Company Manufacturing Products Site] Expires 2010-02-06
    Price 500$

    As per google's adwords data:
    Keywords: company manufacturing
    Advertiser Competition: AVERAGE
    Approx Search Volume on google,January: 135,000
    Approx Avg Search Volume per month on google: 110,000 [Dictionary Word] Expires 2010-01-18
    Price 200$

    As per google's adwords data:
    Keyword : parlours
    Advertiser Competition: HIGH
    Approx Search Volume,January: 27,100
    Approx Avg Search Volume per month: 22,200

    Good for beauty parlours,parlours in india,tattoo parlours,pizza parlours,parlours uk,mumbai parlours,game parlours,dairy parlours,ladies parlour,parlour courses,herbal beauty parlour,list of beauty parlours,parlour guide,parlour club,....etc. information site. [Patient's health care site] Expires 2009-04-13
    Price 200$

    Love makes patient's life beautiful.

    Good for health care forum.

    Approx Avg Search Volume per month in google and it's search network for "love patient" as per adwords data: 49,500

    This domain is good for : Health care
    patient care
    cancer patient
    aids patient
    psychological problems of the patient
    love care
    collecting funds for the patient
    online counseling to the patient

    Payment is through paypal or escrow[I am a verified paypal user].