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The auction, which started at a $1 minimum bid, is currently going on at:



Number of Internet Users Globally: 2.1 Billion

Estibot Appraised Value of ScienceToys.COM: US$69,000

Number of Internet Users in India: 120 Million

( = 10% of India's Total Population of 1.2 Billion )

Price of ScienceToys.IN: You can help decide . . .

Estibot Appraised Value of ScienceToys.IN: US$90

Number of Mobile Phone Accounts in India: 900 Million

( 2nd Largest in the World, after China )

Monthly Rate of SwitchOver to
Internet-Enabled Smartphones/Tablets
among India's 900 Million Mobile Phone
Accounts: Don't know . . .

Estimated Percentage Growth of the Number
of Internet Users in India through
the year 2014, according to a report on
the BBC: 200%

( A Tripling, of course. For most new users, their
lower end Smartphones/Tablets will be the
primary device through which they access
the Internet.

Plus throw in all the Android/Google-TV Boxes /
the Apple-TV Boxes /
All the 'Clone' Boxes
and all the Smart TV's with Built-In Internet Access )

India's Estimated 2011 GDP (PPP): US$4.457 Trillion

India's Estimated 2011 GDP (PPP) Per Capita: US$3,693 per person

Estimated GDP of India's 120 million Internet Users
Using the Per Capita Figure above (Actual Figure
will be much Higher since this Group largely
overlaps with India's Highest 10% Income/Net Worth
Group) = 120 Million x US$3,693 = US$443.16 Billion PLUS


Are .IN's, in general, currently Undervalued? You decide . . .


Are .IN's, in general, going to see a sharp rise
in value through 2014? Ponder . . .


All the Domain-Specific Figures Below This Line Are
Excerpted From the Estibot Appraisal
of ScienceToys.COM ( NOT ScienceToys.IN ):

SLD: sciencetoys

Keywords: science toys

Language: English

Category: Shopping -- Toys and Children

Appraisal Overview:

EstiBot Value: $ 69,000 USD

com net org info biz us

taken taken taken taken taken taken

Related Domains For Sale: (Offer) (Offer) (Offer) ($500)

Related Sales:

Domain Source Price Date Sedo $1,500 USD 2011-01-19 N/A $2,780 USD 2004-07-09 N/A $175 USD 2004-10-07 Afternic $350 USD 2005-03-29 Afternic $4,637 USD 2005-05-06

Search Overview:

Avg Search Results (keyword): 1,200,000

Avg Ad Count (keyword): 11

Traffic Rank:

Alexa Traffic Rank: 21,191,760

Google Page Rank: 1

Average Monthly Search Stats - science toys

Average Monthly Searches: 305,040

Average Cost Per Click: $0.86 USD
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