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This is my first post so I better introduce myself to you.

I am Mesheil (Mitsu) , doing my BS (Computer Science) from California State University, Fresno, CA.

I am the elder son of Sanjeev Goyal of Mitsu (.IN domain name registrar). I too want to build my career in portal development and today I acquired domain name called """ ,

Since all of you are experienced in domain name can any one tell how is the domain name ?
My second question is Can .biz will get ranking benefit in Google compare to CCTLD domain name like the .IN counterpart sold recently ?

Of-course my father's opinion also taken before acquiring this name.
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Welcome, Mesheil! The keyword is stellar, no doubt about that. As for the extension, well, .biz is not the most popular TLD out there, and you may have some difficulties trying to get people to remember it, since some might go to the .com. But there are good news for you! When it comes to search engine ranking, Google doesn't differentiate among TLDs, they only take into account unique and fresh content and quality backlinks. Plus, .biz is a gTLD, which can be geotargeted to a particular country via Google Webmaster Tools. So yes, it can definitely rank greatly.


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Hello Mesheil and welcome to the community!

Congrats on your acquisition of!

The keyword is obviously excellent and there is lots of opportunity to develop and monetize the domain. As for the .biz part, a lot is going to depend on how you plan on marketing the website. If it's primarily online, I don't think .biz will make a difference, but if you decide to market it offline, the .biz will make it a bit more difficult.

I agree with the poet about search engine ranking of the term.

Good luck with your website and let us know how it develops.


Hi Mesheil, welcome to the club. The Keyword in the domain you have there is one of those magical ones where extension doesn't matter!
I think another domainer or domaining company will always try to tell you stories about .biz, this that etc and you can make a fat binder out of those stories for future reference :D, when you ask them a good price. Obviously this makes the domain not so hot in the secondary market.

You can develop, doesn't have to sell anything right away just try to connect people to best Sarees out there in your own way, this might also help increase the overall value for the domain.

Good Luck with Domaining and Developing. Welcome to INF.


Hi Mesheil, welcome to the forum, I think Sanjeevji is the best guide for you in this matter...and yes "" is really a good name imo..

Best of luck...


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Nice name and welcome to the industry and the forum. Extension not the best but you have already been advised how to overcome that hurdle if a web based business.

When you expand and get rich I own which could be acquired for an unreasonable sum. (-:

Good luck


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95% of the sales I see on flippa leave me bewildered. Both from the sellers and the buyers perspective. But then I've never sold a 2 yr old site for $160k, what do I know.

Sarees is a decent keyword, the .biz is a gtld, if not the strongest. So there is value in the domain, though probably not as much as the recent .in sale.

Welcome to the club M.


Thanks for re igniting the .biz bug in me

Hi again Mesheil,

You have made me rethink about .Biz, you are not a kid but a kid that has all necessary ingredients to make it in LIFE :)

Boy!(slang here for OMG or astonishment or is it ;) your time will come and you will have a great show 1 day not far away. God bless you good luck.

OK they say Entrepreneurs are always different and they have all the power to change others lives for better.

To me this is how you changed my life and well may be the lives of millions of INDIANS in FUTURE.

FALTU(.BIZ) ness! We indians know what it means, I promise I will try to make it the most hilarious site INDIA has ever seen. It is all smiles, comedy and just useless bizness!

NEWGENERATION(.BIZ) - You are the new generation business, i want to talk about how business should be carried out in this day and age.

TOURISTPLACES(.BIZ) - Is there anything, that has to be said about this?

I give FULL CREDIT to you for everything about those domains and ideas associated with those. I was not in the .Biz territory at all you pushed me into it, while I am there I had FUN :) thanks for inspiring me, you made my life better by creating an OPPORTUNITY whose existence is not known to me before you created this thread.

You will always be ahead in your game, I see it. There is no limit to what we can do in life. You just proved it LIVE to me(I know it's unintentional, you didn't thought that way, our technology today is a consequence of some great entrepreneurial decisions, entrepreneurs do things ignoring consequences, they are just awesome)

If what I just wrote inspires you more to soar to greater heights in LIFE, I can't be more happier.

Good Luck, YOU ROCK!

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