SAI POLA's Sells Web.HOSTING @ $75K / Joins the TOP 5 Sales 2016 YTD in this Category

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    Ron Jackson>> The DN Journal Weekly List of the TOP 20 Sales >> >>

    .IN Sales: None

    'New TLD'/'nTLD' Sales: Web.HOSTING $75,000 ( via SAI POLA's )

    RON >> ..."a transaction that ranks among the year's five biggest sales to date in this category."

    Cars.LAT €3.5K (appx. US$3,990) / (via SEDO) / (.LAT is intended for use by/for the LATINO Community)

    Premium .CLUB Sales (in April) on ALIBABA's (NYSE: BABA)
    'ALI AUCTION' Platform (TaoBao) in CHINA:

    S.CLUB $37,984 / TT.CLUB $7,788 / 18.CLUB $6,355 / BJ.CLUB $6,150 [...]

    [ FULL LIST at >> ]

    .CLUB Sales via Other Venues:

    Eden.CLUB $1,691 ( via ) | Mad.CLUB $1.5K (via a 'Direct Registry Sale')

    HiFi.CLUB $1,638 (via Chengdu West)

    Some 'Other' TLD Sales:

    Ads.TRAVEL €2.5K (appx. US$2,850) / (via Isaac Paton's PixelDreams.ES )

    Coordination.ORG $2.2K ( via URLs.NET )

    RON: " sold a large batch of .travel domains. 13 of those went for $1,661 apiece including" >>

    App.TRAVEL /
    Apps.TRAVEL / Coupons.TRAVEL / Feedback.TRAVEL

    Gastronomy.TRAVEL / Islands.TRAVEL [...] [ FULL LIST at >> ]


    % of .COMs among this week's (ALL TLD) TOP 20 DN Sales:

    Thu, Apr 7 = 14 out of 20 = 70%

    Thu, Apr 14 = 13 out of 20 = 65%

    Thu, Apr 21 = 10 out of 21 = 47.62% (
    RON: ..."21 spots due to a 3-way tie for the final position"...)

    Thu, Apr 28 = 6 out of 20 = 30%

    (The LOWEST I've seen since starting to track this '.COM Percentage' a few years ago)

    Thu, May 5 = 20 out of 20 = 100%

    (Swings around - in one week - to the HIGHEST I've seen since starting to track this '.COM Percentage')

    Thu, May 12 = 10 out of 20 = 50%

    (Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------- full article:

    Year's Biggest Domain Sale to Date Tops This Week's Sales Chart at $1.2 Million

    By Ron Jackson

    [...] a new King of The Hill. In 2016's first reported seven-figure sale, we learned that Tribune Publishing (publishers of the Los Angeles Times) bought for $1.2 million in a private transaction. When I say "reported sale" it wasn't a case of the company announcing the purchase, it was a case of George Kirikos uncovering the sale while going through an SEC filing (see page 14) - the same way he has dug up many other blockbuster sales that would have likely gone unnoticed otherwise.

    [...] George uncovered [...] In another filing involving the acquisition of Omni Prepaid, LLC and its subsidiaries, LLC and OmniCard, LLC by Blackhawk Network Holdings for over $103 million the buyer said they thought the domain name, that was part of the assets of the acquired businesses, was worth $11 million. As it was part of a larger transaction involving established businesses we can't chart it but it a number obviously worthy of note.

    That is still not all - as Elliot Silver wrote about at, George learned from a GoDaddy SEC filing that they had acquired a portfolio of domains for $42 million. As always we appreciate the work George has done and continues to do in bringing such important transactions to light, giving us all more insight into current domain valuations.

    [...] [...] for $75,000 [...] Domain King Rick Schwartz and Michael Berkens joined forces to buy in Sedo's latest GreatDomains auction and Sai Pola's sold for a profit of more than $22,000 after picking it up in a live auction at NamesCon in January for $52,500.



    [ Ron's full article - including the complete, weekly list of the DN Journal TOP 20 Sales:

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    Great job by Sai Pola.