Russians Call For ‘Crypto Hour’ - Turn Off All Mining Equipment For Ecological Awareness


Earth Hour, a grassroots movement within the World Wildlife Fund to turn off all electricity for a single hour once a year as a way to draw attention to energy consumption, will be celebrated by Russian miners this year as well with the creation of “Crypto Hour,” local news outlet Ramblerreported March 15.

In order to remind the crypto sphere of the need for more ecologically friendly Blockchain technologies, Russian crypto miners have asked all miners internationally to turn off their miningequipment on March 24, from 20:30 - 21:30 (local time).

The Crypto Hour campaign is led by Peter Dvoryankin, the founder of international investor network CryptoLife and a member of the Russian Duma’s expert council for fintech development. Dvoryankin told Rambler that the goal of the campaign is to create “ecological mining” maps that will show the most ecologically-friendly places for crypto mining due to their proximity to renewable energy sources in areas with the right temperatures.

Dvoryankin added that the campaigns also calls for “the creation of systems to use the heat generated in the process of mining and develop less energy-intensive distributed ledger technologies.”



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