RRR.CLUB Sells@$3K, DDD.CLUB $2.01K, eCOFFEE.COM $2.999K, eCOFFEE.NET $2.499K, SEDO.com Weekly Sales


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The SEDO.com Weekly List of Sales ( via Raymond Hackney / TheDomains.com ) >>

.IN Sales: None

.CN: Barcelo.CN EUR 10K (approx. US$11,168)

.US: Pinnacle.US $3K

'New TLD' / 'nTLD' Sales:
RRR.CLUB $3,000 | DDD.CLUB $2,010


Some .COM Sales:

SecondAmendment.com $10K | Re-Display.com $5K | SocialMiner.com $4K | PIPZ.com $3,780

| eCOFFEE.com


Some ccTLD Sales:

CashPoint.NL EUR 9K | MyGift.DE EUR 4K | FSC.FR EUR3K | KUBA.EU EUR 2.7K | Center.TO $2.5K | STATE.MA $2K


$4.8K | 01.BIZ GBP 4.4K | BIN.NET $3,377 | eCOFFEE.NET $2,499

Average Transaction Size:

Wed, Jan 20 = $1.0 Million / 606 transactions = $1,650 per transaction

Wed, Jan 27 = $
1.3 Million / 589 transactions = $2,207 per transaction

Thu, Feb 4 = $
1.0 Million / 588 transactions = $1,701 per transaction

Thu, Feb 11 = $
1.0 Million / 534 transactions = $1,873 per transaction

Feb 17 = $2.0 Million / 685 transactions = $2,920 per transaction

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)


"57% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings."


www.thedomains.com/2016/02/16/68536/ excerpts:

Sedo Weekly Transactions Total $2 million led by CustomFit.com


685 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling [...]



[ Raymond's full post - including the complete weekly list of the SEDO.com DN Sales:

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