Royal Caribbean Cruises in a Shameful UDRP Proceeding row

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PALM BEACH – What do you do when another company possesses a sought after three-character domain name that you want, wish you had, or wish you would had thought to register for your business many, many years ago? You file a nonsensical UDRP proceeding of course – and shoot for the best.

That’s what appears Royal Caribbean Cruises has decided to do with the domain name RCC.COM, a relatively cool and extremely diluted acronym with a wide range of uses for companies throughout the world. This is a great example of what I would call a‘nothing to loose’ attempt to steal a valuable domain name based on almost nothing.

Based on some initial research on industry news site,, Royal Caribbean Cruises has little reason to file such a process referencing the term “RCC” rarely in their overall operations, branding and advertising. This appears to be a clear abuse of the UDRP process and extremely wishful thinking on their part, which will likely just raise the price of the domain once they have lost, according to long time domain investor Rick Schwartz.

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