Ron Jackson Will Be (Physically) Attending DomainX Bangalore (Fri., August 7 - Sat., August 8, 2015)


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Ron Jackson, Editor, >>

"I'm also looking forward to giving our readers a first hand view of this key event in one of the world's most important Internet economies."

"I had intended to travel to last year's debut event but major problems with India's visa system prevented myself and several others from making the trip, limiting our participation to Skype interviews. Fortunately, a new streamlined visa system is now in place that has reportedly solved those travel problems, so we I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of new people at DomainX in person, as well as re-connecting with old friends from India and other countries in the region who have been coming to the U.S. shows for many years now."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- excerpts:

India's DomainX Conference Announces Major Expansion and Plush New Venue for Sophomore Show in August

[...] an expanded DomainX Conference will return in August with a plush new location - the five-star Taj West End Hotel in Bangalore, India - a booming city of more than 8 million residents (making it the 3rd largest in India) that is referred to as both the "Silicon Valley of India" (because it has attracted so many major IT companies) and the "Garden City of India" (thanks to its gentle climate, broad streets, greenery and many public parks) [...]

[...] conference Founder and CEO Manmeet Pal Singh [...] has also lined up a compelling list of speakers including Uniregistry Founder Frank Schilling,'s Deepak Daftari and TeachMe Inc. CEO Bill Karamouzis. I will also be there to speak and cover the event for you.

[...] hundreds of free tickets are available (345 as of this writing) as well as a limited number of tickets with added benefits priced at $49 or $99, depending on the option you choose. That $0-$99 price range represents a remarkable bargain for an event of this size in a venue of this quality.

(Posted June 17, 2015)


[ Ron's Full Article (with some great photos) >> ]
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Thank you @anquest for the post.

I can confirm that Ron Jackson and his wife, Diana Jackson will be part of the DomainX 2015 in Bangalore as necessary travel reservations have been by Ron.

We look forward to see most of you at India's largest Domain Name festival in Bangalore :)


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