Robot employees v. Human employees


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Amazing robots have been mentioned here and here.

Today, I read about robots that started work at two Japanese companies:

Robots will play the roles of receptionist, guide, delivery personnel, cleaners, guards, etc in place of humans. For example, they will approach visitors, attend to and take them to their destinations in the building.

Source: Japanese Firms Start Testing Robot-infrastructure Communication

They should employ some robots at my local supermarket store. I imagine they would be friendlier than the regular cashiers there :eek:. At many other places, it's also hard to find service with a genuine smile, so why not just deal with a robot. :p

At what type of place would you like to see a robot employee?


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The manufacturing industry should replace all there workers so that they won?t be getting a lot of complaints regarding the pay. I am sure that the owners would like the idea.:p


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Well both employer and the customer will be happy to have robots around at workplace. One time investment for the businessmen would be surely better option and customer will also take it as a pleasant change.

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