RiskMethods .com : Lack of a WHOIS update tends to a messy UDRP

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    The domain RiskMethods.com was sold for 25,000 euro in 2017; allegedly, the new owner, Lever10 Inc., of Las Vegas, Nevada, failed to update the WHOIS information. Its former owner, Level2 LLC, was named as a Respondent in an ensuing UDRP.

    A German company with a registered trademark for RISKMETHODS stepped in, and filed a UDRP at the WIPO in an attempt to get the domain.

    Not so fast, said the second Respondent and current registrant, who operates a legitimate company:

    The Respondent says it acquired the disputed domain name in good faith because it was a common term with an intention of using it in a yet to be launched financial risk solution based on the use of complex algorithms and maths methods. The Respondent expressly denies knowledge of the Complainant.

    The evidence supporting the Respondent’s claims was well-received by the WIPO panel. At the same time, the panel refused to deliver a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking, because the Respondent was tardy with updating the domain name’s WHOIS information.

    Full details of the decision for the domain RiskMethods.com follow:

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