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Rightside issued an official statement today explaining their general view on New TLDs and why they shut of the fictitious website at Bloomberg.Market per their standard operating procedures.

Here is the statement:

"New TLDs are a positive program dedicated to advancing the internet

Earlier today, we learned about a fictitious website--www.bloomberg.market--and we shut it down per our standard operating procedures.

At Rightside, we live domains. We’ve logged more than 15 years in the domain industry, and plan to log 50 more (conservatively). We are a major, and proud, participant in the new Top Level Domain initiative, which is the largest advancement to happen within the industry in the last 15 years, opening a new frontier of innovation and creativity.

New domains enable businesses and individuals to better connect with their audiences, whether you’re a professional using .LAWYER or .DENTIST to connect with new clients, a brand making your content more memorable and easy to find with .VIDEO and .NEWS, an artist sharing your work through .BAND or .ACTOR, an expert having some fun with .NINJA, or a nonprofit helping to save the world with .GIVES.

We believe that the creative and professional potential of these new domains makes them some of the most powerful marketing tools that exist online. And we have dedicated ourselves to discovering new ways to utilize these tools to share your story, find new clients, fill the airwaves with your music, and hopefully make the world a better place. And most of the use cases we’ve seen have been exactly that--vibrant, expressive people and businesses harnessing the power of new TLDs to make the internet a more diverse, innovative space.

Which is why it pains us so greatly that, in the early stages when so many people are forming their first impressions of the new TLD program, these numerous positive examples are sometimes overshadowed by the malicious practices and behaviors of a very small group of people.

Today’s example of www.bloomberg.market is a precise example of this unfortunate phenomenon. There are processes in place to limit the means and extent to which bad actors can utilize new domains for nefarious purposes, and we have worked with Bloomberg to implement those processes and shut downwww.bloomberg.market.

The new TLD program has tremendous potential to advance the internet and in such a short time we’ve already seen so many inspiring examples of passion and innovation at work. The positive opportunities created by the new TLD program far outweigh the few isolated negative cases. And we will maintain our passion for advancing the domain industry, as we have discussed previously through our blog, and telling the stories of the artists, individuals, and companies utilizing these new TLDs to share their stories with the world.

We welcome your comments and concerns at blog@rightside.co."
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