Ricks' musings for beginners: A 25 steps guide to domain investing

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    I really don't care if you agree with my steps or not and I am used to it. Most won't. But if you are not making MILLIONS with your domains then maybe, just maybe, take it seriously. This is my suggested path. There are many other paths but again, if you're not making millions on that path, don't argue.

    Best is to have one domain and build a successful business not a "Feel Good" site. One is being a business person and the other is being a starving artist. Sorry, but I DO make that distinction and before you just dismiss it, you should think about it too. Businesses have a cash register.

    1.* Focus on .COM domains that are easy to spell and pass the radio test.

    2. Make sure you have another source of income to support your investments.

    3. Target with a rifle not a shotgun. Your first purchase may be your most important.

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