Rick Schwartz and Pigeon Shit


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Great post today in Fusible about Rick Schwartz at:
Growing tired of the rhetoric by Big Time domainers like Rick Schwartz? | Fusible.com - Breaking Domain Industry News, Affiliate Marketing and Domain Names

Some of the highlights:

...we are tired of the rhetoric put out by domain investors like Rick Schwartz who put down other domainers who are new to the industry...

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that owning a category killer name like Candy.com will make you rich...

The tough part, is trying to figure out how to make money in 2010 as a new domainer....

The real question is, could Rick Schwartz make it in 2010 on hand registered names? Or for that matter on a small budget? Probably not....

...you have to ask yourself, what have you learned from Rick Schwartz?

...what has he done for you lately except call your domains "pigeon shit" or say people in this industry who make less than a $1,000 per month are nothing but a waste of time at conferences like Traffic.
thats exactly my problem, handregistering domains in 2010 and getting from $0 to $50 in appraisal @ inforum ;-)

and that's just why i decided to focus on developing websites than doing domaining even in my part time!


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There is competition everytime. Always can not be Rick Schwartz's time.. he started early n then reached there.


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There is competition everytime. Always can not be Rick Schwartz's time.. he started early n then reached there.

IMHO ppl. like Rick , Frank will do well, no matter if they started early or late. These are people who see opportunity where no one else does.

If I had the money to reg. names back in 1995/96, I would not see it coming. I would rather spend/invest my money elsewhere.
What can someone learn from Rick Schwartz? Well, may be one of the key things would be to have an eye to see the opportunities of tomorrow, today!

Most of the time, when people express themselves, it is either limited to others just acknowledging it or at the most, respected it merely as an opinion.

The same, IMO, when expressed by someone who is widely considered as accomplised, visionary and successful in his/her own right; the words carry that much depth, value and attention (like this thread :)) simply due to the credibility they have established over time (sometimes decades)!!

Regarding Rick's thoughts about the less than a thousand dollars thing; may be one can get his exact perspective, if (and only if) one could get to spend a few minutes with him. Probably then, one could see the same thing differently.
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