Reseller Club tried to take three-letter .in domain away from rightful owner.

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    Amazing story was recently published about Reseller Club taking three-letter .in domain from its rightful owner.

    So the domain expired, went into autorenew period and then taken by Resellerclub from the rightful owner and moved to the new owner omitting redemption period.

    What is even funnier is that Reseller Club responded to the owner saying that "skipping a redemption period of a domain is in accordance with our legal agreements and is compliant with the ICANN guidelines".

    Just wonder since then .IN are regulated by anything but .IN policy.

    But that's not the end: registrar staff said that the domain "has been back ordered by the current owner, as you missed to renew it during the Renewal Grace Period( i.e 36 days from the date of expiry). This prohibited the domain from stepping into the “Pending Delete Restorable” period."

    Contact details of the new owner were not shown due to whois privacy used.

    Doesn't it all look like breach of .IN policies?

    The exposure seemed to help the rightful owner to get the domain back. By returning domain back Reseller Club admitted that it went into wrongdoings imho.

    I personally won't keep high quality(any) domains at such registrar.
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    I agree with you. I have not used ResellerClub and now I do not think that I would. Sounds like an attempt to go around the rules and still a domain. Not good!
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    Wow! Incredible!

    ResellerClub is citing ICANN policies, which don't apply in this case NIXI policies do.

    I didn't think .in registrars were allowed to take back orders for dropping domains?

    I think the publicity saved the registrant here.
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