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Hi guys..Rahgav here..m new to this comunity and I was wonderin if i cud get any suggestons about any registrar you might have expierence wid..on every other forum Godaddy, Enom, ResellerClub,, Bulk Register etc are d most popular ones..I just have a couple of domains (for personal use), now wid godaddy, but not really happy with their support and transferrring domains out is a major pain..and now I want to get into the busines of buy and selling domainnames nd I am considering a new registrar..I will buy round 500 - 1000 names in the first month or so..therfore my priority is only pricing and support..

i would appreciate if you cud give me any suggestions...


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Hi Rahgav,

Welcome to INForum!

If it's mainly Indian domains, I'd recommend or if you plan to invest in a lot of them, become a Directi reseller at

If it is all different extensions, that's a bit harder. Fabulous is probably the best, but they have restrictions as to who is entitled to their domainer rates. Otherwise, Namecheap and Dynadot are good choices.


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I will buy round 500 - 1000 names in the first month or so

Before you plunge in so heavily, I'd make sure you really know your stuff by reading this forum and many of the blogs out there very thoroughly first. Also, you may want to post some of your names up for appraisal to get a reality check to see if you're heading in the right direction.


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thanks for your update Jeff..

I checked out dynadot, fabulous and directi (RC)..all are competetive enough..but i am not too sure about any one now, becasue of the price hike rumours..i dont know what thier prices will be fter this hike..


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VeriSign’s wholesale prices for .com and .net will increase on October 1, 2008.

The new wholesale .com price for a registrar will be $6.86 + ICANN’s $0.20 fee = $7.06

The new wholesale .net price for a registrar will be $4.23 + ICANN’s $0.20 fee = $4.43.


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GoDaddy used to give domains at 6.99 + ICANN fee ( with the coupons) so what are the current rates of the Wholesale for the Domain registrars? I wanted to know how much is the pricing going to increase?


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@Nomad - the new rates are in my previous post. I think that it's about a 7% increase from what it was before. I'm not sure what Godaddy is going to charge in October. A lot of the registrars now have specials or coupon codes until the end of September to encourage you to transfer or renew before the price hike.


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ya the 7% price hike is true..however I dont trust godaddy's pricing..u never know what they'l charge you with..every other registrar seems to have hiked their price quite a bit due to this..


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Just a heads up on estdomains!! They are having problems at the moment with servers so it knocks onto domains there, my vodka site has been down for days now.

Would recommend

as with everything in life prices changes, t&c change, so always try to keep to date with all the news, as jeff said as well, if you want to post some names and get some feedback on them.

All the best :)


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I don't think Dynadot do .in or But I like them very much - they're especially good for IDN domains.


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I don't think Dynadot do .in or But I like them very much - they're especially good for IDN domains.

Jeff, your right. Dynadot do not support or .in domains. Though they are a very secure,stable, and great registar solution. I think they would be an even better service if they did offer or .in domains.
I would agree with frogger. Dynadot would be a much better registrar; in fact all registrars would be better if they offered these domain extensions. I don't see why they don't.


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I think all major registrars around the world offer .in/ domains now..

As far as this thread is concerned, I have signed up with for buying domains..lets see how it goes from now on..


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If you go to Godaddy's site the prices aren't that great but if you use a Godaddy coupon you can get some good deals. These are the ones I recommend:

PCH1 - 10% off any order
PCH2 - $5 off $30 or more
PCH3 - $7.45 .com domains.

All prices in USD.


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try too they seems offerig 12$ for .in where as others are offering 14$ also good for new regs :)


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I think right now is the cheapest for .in - it's about $12.34, depending on the exchange rate.

I'm not sure how they do it - the best slab for the reseller club charges $13.49. They must have some sort of special deal.
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