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Just a small suggestion..

I have come across a lot of forums where people are posting randomly about a particular registrars discount coupons..this tends to get very confusing in the end when the number of users can we start a new sub-forum for only discount coupons..we can start new threads for each registrar..this will help is easy access to information and it will also be easier to keep tab..

Moderators: please tell me what do you think
I'm not sure it's really worth it. The only coupons are from Godaddy and they are constantly changing.
I think that it would be great to have a sub forum where in we can list all of the discount codes. GoDaddy isn’t he only domain registrar that have some coupons.
Namecheap also come up with killer coupon codes every now and then..but, your take..I just thought I'll put the point across..


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