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Staff member out of Tampa did a story on Julie Magill a Tampa resident who deals in real estate. (Tip of the cap to Namepros member NSmith91). Julie made a $9 bet on a hunch three years ago that could pay off big. Julie went and heard Donald Trump give a speech and walked away thinking that Mr. Trump could one day run for President.

From the article:

Magill has received offers for the domain and, as candidates have dropped out of the race, the offers have skyrocketed. She said her first offer, around the time Trump announced his candidacy, was for $600. Since then, she’s been offered $10,000, $20,000, even $43,500 for the domain.

Ms. Magill would ideally like to sell the domain to Donald Trump himself and she has reached out to the campaign and to Mr Trump’s children on Twitter. So far no reply.

I personally would have taken the $43,500, political domains are tricky and they have an expiration date. If Mr. Trump loses, the domain becomes just another political domain without any relevancy. At his age it is doubtful that Mr. Trump would make another run in 2020.

Even with a victory Mr. Trump may not feel compelled to acquire the domain name.

Would you have taken the money or hold out ?



I'd jump on $43K for sure. It could probably go for way higher than that, but with that money I could buy myself a condo and have a bunch left over, so I'd be more than happy with it really. I'm not much of a gambler, so taking such surefire money would be preferred for me.


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If Trump became president, god forbid. Chances are the name would be confiscated under some homeland security act.


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