Rediff's Solution to Restricted Internet Access


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Rediff has just introduced a web-in-mail service which allows you to browse the internet without a browser. This will be useful for those with restricted internet access such as office workers, government employees, internet cafe users etc.

How it works is that you email Redriff the url you want to browse. A few seconds later, you will receive a reply from Redriff that will contain the HTML page of the site you requested.

To use the service, visit Webinmail : Browse the web from your mails
Very clever!

I bet this provides Rediff with some profitable data as well.
Many thanks for the useful information! But Thanks God! I do not have such problems as restricted internet access. I shall never work in such companies who treat their workers in such a way.
Quite a creative way to get around filters, but is very easy to stop by blocking email from that domain. About the only way to get around filters for real is to use encrypted p2p communications on a variety of ports where port blocking will not take down a network.


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