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Staff member sold for $18,725 at Sedo, and per Google Translate, the German language site describes itself as follows, “The new digital magazine for connoisseurs. EAT. DRINK. DISCOVER.” sold for $15,515 at Sedo, and it’s the second German-language site in a row. “At we write about all topics that interest a dad. We are the parents magazine from the point of view of the Papas with more than 250 guides, five online tools and over 110,000 fans on Facebook”. sold for $13,759 at Sedo, and the domain is an upgrade from the .net for the eCommerce shop. It appears to be owned by a company called Layn Innovations, which filed a trademark for “luv your baby” at the end of last year. sold for $10,600 at NameJet, and a lead gen site is live. Per Whois, the owner has a email address, and the links at the bottom of the site include related lead gen sites such as,,, and more. I checked a couple state + movers keywords, and each has a CPC over $10.00. sold for $8,988 at NameJet, and the Chinese language site describes itself as follows, per Google Translate, “China’s leading VR virtual reality user platform”. sold for $2,980 at Sedo. The Italian language site says it is, (again, per Google Translate), “dedicated to parents, all you have to know to be a good parent.“



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