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So why are Indian domain names a good investment? Read Jeff's guest post on Elliot's Blog:

You Don’t Have to Live in India to Invest in Indian Domains | Elliot's Blog

I think that for many domainers who got into the industry late, country code domains are an attractive investment. The development and use of many of these ccTLDs is at a similar stage to where .com was several years ago. Unlike hyped extensions such as .mobi or .asia, country code domains really have endusers who buy them and use them. Plus, many country code “brands” are widely marketed in their respective countries and appeal to people’s patriotic feelings.

I invest in several country code domains, but the one I am most excited about is India. After years of heavy restrictions, in 2005 the Indian domain space was liberalized and it became cheap, easy and open to people internationally to register Indian domains. Since then there has been rapid growth: in February 2005 there were about 75,000 Indian domains registered, in November 2006, there were about 200,000 registered, in June 2007 there were about 250,000 registered, and in February 2008 there were about 400,000 registered.


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Great post on Elliot's Blog Jeff!

More exposure for Indian domain names.

I had dinner with Elliot and his wife Karen in New York a few months back and he is a great guy and knows his stuff.

The more that the Indian ccTLD gets exposed to guys like Elliot the better.




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Great piece of article ceres. I completely agree with that article. Indian domains are on the rise now and would become a really huge market in next couple of years. Till then keep investing and have patience.
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