Rationale behind .in and .co.in Domains bought by reputed companies outside India


The thread on "Examples of end users buying .in domains" initiated by Ceres gave very valuable insights and perspectives about reputed companies in India and abroad embracing both .in and .co.in extensions.

Reactors.in, for instance, redirects to the website of a reputed company in Europe who're in the business of the fabrication of heavy components for the nuclear industry.

Could someone here, from the perspective of reputed companies outside India who have bought .in or .co.in names, throw some light on why they buy the names.

Thanks in advance.
According to us most of the international companies who have Indian market presence or are planning to have presence are buying .In domains, we even saw purchase of domains by NASDAQ listed companies at price say 5k+ recently. Like Sony, Casio, Fashion TV they all have presence in India and have their domains in Indian name space. after all .IN is for India, International, Internet. and above all is big consumer market....so everybody wants their presence here in India.
Thanks very much, Mitsu.

I have been reading in a few threads here including your mention here that ".IN is for India, International, Internet".

That .in stands for "India" is official. But as regards "International" and "Internet", is it something accepted / official across the domaining industry or industry in general?


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