Rare NNN.IN for Sale

Only 1000 possible combinations making NNN the most rare .IN domain names (without a hyphen)!
Recent sales over $500*
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258.in sold at Sedo for $100.

And that my friend... was a superb deal.

If you ever see another one like that for sale, I suggest you jump on it!

There are only 1000 of these ever and they represent the most rare .IN names without hyphens. The vast majority will not see the reseller market for the next 3-5 years (maybe even 10 years) depending upon how the .IN market evolves. When they do hit the open market their price will be substantial.

Good Luck


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I think thats a long shot you are aiming at.

You are giving 074.in for $160.

Now if anyone has to develop it into a site:-

Does the name give you any idea about the content of the site?
Does the name in itself will attract traffic?

Unfortunately not. The person or the company will have to promote it heavily so that the general population remembers it and visits it often. So I pay $160 for the name and I spend $1200 for its promotion in terms of SEO, newspaper ads and online ads. This seems to be a disproportionate equation.

If you compare say SRK.in and 074.in, people will know at one glance what SRK is about i.e. it will have something to do with Shah Rukh khan but the same does not hold true for your name, and hence it has no value in terms of a developed website, IMO.


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In the DN cartoons newsletter, which has 1000s of subscribers, two domains started out with $750 each and now within a wk or so have dropped down to $250 each.

The domains in question are Incall.in and Outcall.in.

"Incall" has 1,670,000 total Google searches and "Outcall" has1,680,000 total searches still there's a drastic decrease in price.


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Sure. But you forgot, here we are dealing with the Indian market. The Cases that you have presented above hold true for .com.

You have to keep the Indian mindset in mind to know what is worth what here.

Best of luck.

I hope you find a buyer :rolleyes:
Yes, you are right I do not live in India nor will I ever fully appreciate the Indian mindset despite my strong interest in your country.

What I do know is capitalism and business. The majority of my domain business, as it related to India, is not focused upon resident Indians but rather foreign corporations and individual investors interested in gaining a foothold in the country which very well may become the superpower of this century.

Interestingly but perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of the interest in numeric .IN names comes from Chinese sources as does a large proportion of the traffic to many of these names. The interest demonstrated by the Chinese is closely followed by interest from Swiss, German and Scandinavian sources.

Your advice and insights are much appreciated. I hope you continue to post at InForum.IN.

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