Quit selling our domains so DAMN cheap !


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Whether or not they have value ... Who knows. This is the point.

We got in early, even our worst domains wil be rock solid in a few years.

Here is my question to all members (and yes I am guilt of it myself too!)


Why are we registering $2 domains and busting our ass of to SELL THEM FOR TWELVE DOLLARS ?

Come on now ...

Here's the bottom line. There are VERY few here who are holding the real domains. Some of you are good at sticking to your guns. I have bought alot of double premium with J in them LLL.IN for an average of $13 each ...

I saw a post here where I wanted to cry. There were some crap LLL.in names but they were mostly deals at that price to be honest. Know why nobody bought them? Becuase we as sellers have dictated LOWER prices on these reseller forums.

I for one, am sick of people thinking because we get a domain for $2 - We should sell it for $10

I just sold FastLoans.In way cheaper than I should have but at least I went for MID $XX

We, as sellers, DICTATE the market price.

If a new buyer comes to this board and sees prices averaging $25 - $50 - They will accept it !

If your steady CHEAP domain buyers realize they aren't getting them cheap any more - EVENTUALLY they will adjust.

It is time for a change. Good sales on Sedo, all market indicators are up. Know what is hurting this market ?

Posts like mine liquidating 80 LLL.IN for $5 a piece. We all need to stop this crap.

Price our domains at rates WE think they are worth. Know what. Half the sellers here are same sellers @ NP

So if we do it across the board their will be a perceived value of an increase in .in domains.

Truth is ? THERE SHOULD BE !

Yes, we all know there are some issues, but let's unite and quit underpricing our names.

Thoughts ?
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