Pustak.co.in - Online Bookstore in India


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I came across the website Pustak.co.in, an online bookstore in India that launched in September 2008.

The founder is Anand Rao, and you can read his story here.

Currently, you can search for a book by topic, author name, or ISBN. Pustak offers free shipping anywhere in India.

One suggestion for Pustak is that they include categories to help organize the book data, and which will also help consumers find what they are looking for.

Pustak's mission is to become the biggest online bookseller in India within 2-3 years. Good luck to them!


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I think this is a great website. I have actually bought a couple of books from them and found their service to be pretty timely and transparent.

But I think they should have a showcase kind of arrangement based on author and topics. Everyone doesn't know know which book to read. Moreover user based ranking system will also work. Can someone convey this message to Mr. Rao.


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Thanks for sharing. I was looking to buy pustak.in for a seller at NP, and he was looking for four figures :). Obviously I could not afford that.


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One suggestion for Pustak is that they include categories to help organize the book data, and which will also help consumers find what they are looking for.
I notice categories are now included. That's great! :)


I regged Pustak.in on 16-Feb-2005 . And Pustak.co.in was regged by Anand Rao on 10-Nov-2006 . I do think my domain is worth big bucks.


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I love it, I buy all my books from there. It's not a parked page, it's a full time website. I've been recommending it to everyone.
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