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Hi Friends,

I am coming up with a new web portal having some free informational sections like FEATURED AIRCRAFTS where in I had decided to put details of some of the worlds renowned Aircrafts like AIRBUS A380 and Boeings 737. So can I write and publish an article on the Aircrafts without the permission of AIRBUS OR BOEING? or do I need to take permission from them & Can I publish photographs available on there site or others sites on internet to publish on my site by clearly mentioning the source of the content & photograph?? Could there be any copyright issues? I shall appreciate your help.


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I think technically you need their permission to use their photographs.

You should check out - the photographs are about $1 each and then there are no issues with copyright. It looks like they have many Boeing and Airbus photographs.

There are free photographs at Check the terms of each photo carefully - often you have to give credit. It looks like they also have many Boeing and Airbus photographs.


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Thanks for your reply. Someone also suggested me for royalty free images, u have any idea about them? Also suppose I want to write & publish informational article about AIRBUS A380 do I need permission from AIRBUS as A380 is aircraft manufactured by them or I can write article on it in my own words without any copyright issues...


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Getty Images is very expensive... I think that their main clients are large newspapers, magazines, etc.

You don't need permission from anyone to write about their product.

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1. Writing your views about products - is perfectly OK (as long as you don't attract attention by negative writing / defaming or anything that is bad about someone, or some product)
2. You may draw information from Wiki - which does allow you to quote and use text as well as images (not to be hot linked though) under Creative Common License & Terms of Use.

Good luck!


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Depending on your specific requirements, another option is to search for public domain images of aircrafts on the or websites.

See: How To Find The Best Free Image/Photo/Graphics Downloads For Your Blog Posts | Smackdown!

In the US, works that are authored by the federal government are not copyrighted, and therefore fall into the Public Domain. It is important to note that the distinction is works that were authored by them, and not all works that are owned by them. If a private individual creates the work, and then sells or transfers the copyright to the government, the work is still copyrighted. Also, some specific images might have use restrictions on them.


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Google just introduced something new today that looks very promising - basically it's a search engine for free stock photos!

Read more here:
Official Google Blog: Find Creative Commons images with Image Search

Today, we're launching a feature on Image Search to help you find images that you can use for free, while respecting the wishes of artists and creators. This feature allows you to restrict your Image Search results to images that have been tagged with licenses like Creative Commons, making it easier to discover images from across the web that you can share, use and even modify. Your search will also include works that have been tagged with other licenses, like GNU Free Documentation license, or are in the public domain.
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