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O.K. This post confused a lot of people so I am updating it.

Here is the final scanner announcement.

I have it sitting on a quad processor server with 8 gigs of RAM .. It also has all the bells and whistles needed to run this script flawlessly. A list with 700K domains was recently scanned in roughly 12 hours. This list scan will be provided to all users who sign up so they do not rescan it, abusing the in registry. Considering there are only 1.5 million names nobody should need the server longer than 24 hours.

Server Rental will be $99 Per Day .. Already have 2 people lined up and a third person who wants more questions answered. Your lists are private and will be treated as such. Make sure you delete from the server after scanning none the less.

Also, as a side note. Price is raised heavily. If you want this for your own private server let me know and I will send you requirements. The price is $499.95. It will take any IP address and create it into a virtual SOCKS IP - It will scan any .in / list and output seperate files. pending delete/pending delete restorable/available/taken.

If you purchase your own copy it goes on your server and you can then run as many scans as you want whenever you want. Future updates you can purchase at any time at the price of $199 for a lifetime license or $69 for a year of support. This will include any and all updates and improvements - nothing will be kept private. If purchasing a copy PM me for a 5 minute demo (it's all you will need! You will want to buy immediately) and I will also go over server requirements with you.

We are only selling a limited number of copies of this - so please keep that in mind. This is for very serious webmasters who want only the best - and nothing else will do.

To Recap :

Full scanning of roughly 700K names in 24 hours ..
Sorts by status - so as soon as a domain goes into Pending Delete Restorable you can keep an eye on it.

Server Rental - $99 for a day [quad core | 8 Gig of Ram | Everything you need to run it as fast as mentioned above]
Software purchase - $499.95

Next update coming will incorporate the EXACT drop date in all scans of pending delete restorable and pending delete domain names inside the csv. ETA - One - Two Weeks.
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P.S. As a Bonus you will get a READY scanned copy of the 700K list being sold for $19.99 if you purchase the software or commit to two days server rental. It will be scanned and waiting for you.

Many names that were dropped will be listed here - we will release this simultaneously to all who order at an agreed upon time so they can scan availables as well. Many that were registered as far back as 2005.

Also those wanting to purchase can of course run a scan test free of charge to demo the software.

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Top post updated as I was confused myself when I reran it. It should be better now, not at the end of a 48 hour work stint :)


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Rented out to 3 people total so far. 2 people have run it with the immediate reaction of





I'll leave it up to them whether they comment or not.
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