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Webmasters can build a small private blog network of your own to drive traffic to their main site, using their spare domain names. Buy multiple blogs at different locations / Class C IPs, save time and money in setup costs. Webmasters can promote their main site and include or remove advertising links as required. Blog networks can also sell direct advertising on the blogs. If guest posts are purchased or made on other blog networks, it is difficult to remove links at a later date, if required.

Use your existing domains and buy 7 Wordpress/Drupal blogs with Web hosting for a year at different Class C IP addresses
For each blog, this package includes
1.Web hosting , 25 MB Webspace / 500 MB Bandwidth per month
2.Free Basic technical support for 1 year
3.Cpanel / FTP access , with Awstats to check the number of visitors to your website
Please send your domain names by email after making payment.
The default language for the Wordpress installation will be English.
Login details for your CPanel account and blogs will be sent to the Paypal address on receipt of payment . If you exceed the webhosting space/ bandwidth allowed, you will have to upgrade your account.
Please note that it may take up to 72 hours for the blogs to be fully functional after the name servers are correctly changed and after receipt of your domain name details whichever is later.

Buy a 7 blog network
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