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Hi Guys,

I have been very proactive over the years helping via my site and have become good friends with many of you via other forums. Yet it is a sad day for me, my wife and I purchased a house for us to retire to in Spain and it looks like after the checks we had done we have foundation problems which were not there after the intial survey and then i purchased. So i need to raise money before we can move in and this means i need to let go of my personal loved indian domains and also my very much loved not just by me but the whole Indian comunity As you all know i have put lots of work into this being the first in the world to offer a Sedo like version purely for indian domainers and collectors over time it has been on radio india, mumbia, in dmoz all over google with over 2000+ indexed pages and reviewed by many sites with top reviews. This i am also going to have to sell :(

Now i will be vetting people who wish to purchase with the site and database currently i have 8 people interested the highest bid so far is $1,500 for domain and site 3 people have offered this but i will wait until friday before accepting the highest offer. I do not want to let it go but my wife comes first and making her happy with this new home is my priority.

LISTED.CO.IN Is now SOLD.. no more bids thank you!

Inforum your banners are safe on listed it was due for renewal but i gave you a couple of months free due to wanting to help you with exposure and with 1000s visiting listed daily it should of helped you

Ok as i said is up for sale with the site and i am happy to do changes i.e google ad codes etc or put banners etc on for the buyer i also own my own servers so i can continue to host it for the buyer if they so wish at a cost of something like $15 a month on a secure server this will help with keeping it upto date for sql databases etc.

Right my other domains i have for sale are as follows.

Renewal within 60 days (i will not let these drop so dont wait)

Renewal over 60 days (SOLD)

I have posted this on other forums with tons of interest generated so if interested please send me a PM here, i will accept paypal or quite happy to proceed via Sedo. I am not after there full value just wishing to generate some money to pay for the property work.

Cheers and best wishes to you all

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Right guys,

I feel the bidding has gone on long enough for some of these so tonight midnight uk time so just under 4hrs i will settle on the highest bid

So Far the current bids

ATL.IN $180 (Inforum) 9 bidders over 4 forums
CHP.IN $285 (Dnforum) 14 bidders over 4 forums
BULK.CO.IN $90 (Dnforum) 3 Bidders over 4 forums
CAMPAIGN.CO.IN $150 (Blog) 6 Bidders over 4 forums
FREEBLOG.IN $440 (NameP) 18 Bidders over 4 forums & Sedo
ENVIROMENTAL.IN $90 (DigitalP) 10 Bidders current bid is for both .in and of this domain.
MET.CO.IN $50 (NameP) 2 Bidders over 4 forums
MODIFY.IN $145 (DigitalP) 12 Bidders over 4 forums
POKERONLINE.CO.IN $80 (Blog) 8 Bidders over 4 forums

Other names with bids but too low under $50 currently which i will leave till friday are , , and

I wish you all the best of luck and thanks chaps for spending the time visiting this thread.



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Right guys it has got to the stage where i must forget the value of the names and just raise funds so all my domains apart from, are going for less.

Best wishes

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Thanks Jeff, i know these are fantastic names suprised alot of these are still around, so much interest but i guess with the credit crunch people are holding on to their monies but as you know these are pure investment quality domains.


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