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    Website :
    Keyword Search : 49500 (track pants) For India
    Exact Search : 3600 ("track pants") For India
    Indexed Pages in Google : 60+ pages

    Website Launched on : March 17th 2011

    This Website is 1st page of google for the main keyword "track pants" on google. I guess the result is 7th


    Just imagine the potential of the site and the keyword which is on the 1st page of google in just 4 days from launching. The site has more than 1600 pages of content, all ready with amazon affiliate links and adsense placements. Relevant Youtube videos also added for more rich content on the site. Subscribers column and other technicals are added. Bounce rate is below 10%

    Now what i can give with the purchase
    1] Domain + Website Files
    2] More relevant content for the keywords upto 500 pages to be added within a year
    3] SEO support like Directory Submissions
    4] I can assure indexing 500+ pages in google.

    Minimum offer : $ 200
    Buy Now Price : $ 600

    Reasonable offers will be considered. offer me via pm if below minimum offer or any kind of partnerships

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