Premium 2-letter .EE registration


I offer now real 2-letter short .EE domain registration (Estonia, European Union) at only 85$ (65 Euro) incl. the trusty service. Even more - for short time also I offer renewal* at only 19 Euro/year (~25$ incl. trusty) instead of 39 Euro !!! (*see my website for details) This makes my offer outstanding compared to big registrars taking about 60$-150$ each year + trusty fee additionally.

Check it and get a real 2-letter .EE domain - contact me for more!

PS. of course I can offer longer .EE domains like 2222,EE etc. too - just feel free to contact me ;)
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I am not sure if links are allowed here.
I have a main domain:

(to admins - if its a problem to post this here please tell me - I will reedit the message then)
Your chance to buy your initials as domain :) There are some free jet but less and less - use the chance to get some!
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Today bulk special:

392$ USD (49$ / domain or 36,50 Euro/domain).
Still with cheap renewal - get your initials as only 2 letter short EE domain before they are all sold.

Or a nice .MK. I just regged MM.MK ;)
We have a new special - cheaper than ever before: real 2-letter short domains from 49$/domain.

We offer real 2-letter/2-number short .EE domains (Estonia, European Union) inclusive the required trusty service at this prices:

59 USD / 49 EUR / domain - for single domain order.
49 USD / 39 EUR / domain - for bulk order with 3 or more domains.

renewal price: 49 USD / 39 EUR / year.
Your chance to get one of the desired .EE 2-letter shorts.

Of course the prices apply to longer .EE domains too, so You can order them too - just let us know what domains you want.
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