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Portingo.com is an emerging marketplace for purchase and sale of domains and digital assets. It aims to help the customers by making the process quicker, easier and more efficient while being more cost efficient.

There is absolutely no charges on listing of assets whether for Buy-now or Make-offer category. Portingo will only charge 5% brokerage that is lowest in the industry only on a successful sale. The bigger players of domain market like Flippa charge upto 10-15% depending on the sale value. Sedo gives free listing but charges commission of 10-20% again depending on sale value.

Portingo gives a provision for auction listing free of cost. Auctions can be scheduled within 48 hours. The business team chooses the best domain names and market them separately as their top picks every month.

Portingo's enhanced security features help in not only safe transfer of assets but also keep the customer information secure. The system totally safeguards from any fraudulent or deceptive transfers. Payment is quick using Bank Transfers, PayPal & Escrow and done within 5-7 days of the sale.

The customer support provides help 24x7 throughout the year. The team works on to provide customer satisfaction and improve the market experience with feedback from clients.


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