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I would like to start my description in a non traditional way with a question.

Can you tell me what beats having a single meaningful keyword as your domain name?

(PSSTT - It turns out to be a huge city(102,000+ strong in one) for two major countries + It is a famous football club in Brazil + It is a 13 years old daddy domain !!!!!)
Whatt? An English word,a double city geo domain and still there is more?!!!

Hearts racing already?

Read on...

Brusque, as the dictionary says is “expression of your thoughts and opinions in a short and abrupt manner”, while the description wouldn’t be abrupt - a short recon on the merits of buying the domain is enough to get you drooling(considering you are not already) on the prospects of making this domain yours. With the internet mostly publicized/used as a medium for communication of thoughts/ideas in various permutations and phases, brusque offers a unique way of galvanizing users of a particular genre (the short and direct ones) to a whole range of ideas classified on the basis of various niches.
To think of this short and crisp named domain offering a perspective over speech(or any other niche for that matter) with the possibility of multiple subdomains coming for free for governance over individual market niches is truly a lip-smacking prospect.

Not to mention that as a keyword to lend meaning to your website/product, there are few keywords that would lend as much panache to the brand image of your product in a sassy yet assertive way.

Now coming to the most UNBELIEVABLE benefit that comes with this domain as briefed earlier - it can very easily be used as a 'GEO-DOMAIN' with Brusque being a city of 102,280 inhabitants in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Founded in 1860 by 55 German immigrants, the majority of the population are German immigrants but also include Italians and Poles. Think of the huge commerce, technical and academic possibilities of owning a domain pertaining to a city of such great magnitude in terms of population. I also don’t need to explain the opportunities that come with extending the domain to free subdomains for individual categories concerning the city as a whole (for instance commerce.brusque.net, tourism.brusque.net, academecia.brusque.net, sports.brusque.net etc etc)
The icing on the cake - Brusque Futebol Clube, usually known just as Brusque, is a football (soccer) club from Brusque, Santa Catarina, Brazil, founded on October 12,1987.
Now the owner of this domain can boast of having the capability to capitalize on the strong meaning of an English word as a potential communication website/company name, stake a major claim over the online control of a major city in Brazil and work as a blog/article page for a hugely popular and old football club.

But you see guys, the good stuff with this domain doesn’t seem to end. Brusque (Occitan : Brusca) is also a French commune, located in the department of Aveyron and the region Midi-Pyrénées. Inspite of being a small town, noone can deny that it only adds to already powerful appeal building around the this super domain called Brusque.net!

Key statistics for Brusque.net

  • Domain Registered : 2000-06-23
  • 22,000 Exact Searches.
  • 450,000 Phrase Searches.
  • Expires on: 2013-07-04
  • The domain is registered at Godaddy and will be pushed for free to your account.

This domain name is priced for a FAST sale and is the best deal on a one word category killer, a master multi city geo domain and a football club based domain all together anywhere on the web guaranteed. You will not find a better deal on a such a fantastic domain anywhere else!

The domain is competitively priced for an asset with real tangible benefits. It is quite simply a no nonsense buy with amazing opportunity - a product that I can foresee going through a sharp rise in value with time. This is one of the few domains in the market that I as a domainer am super excited about - the amazing brilliance offered in just one short name, hope the buyer this jewel lands up with does full justice to it!

Happy Bidding!


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