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When you are developing a site, one of the things you consider is advertising. Many decide to install pop-up ads on their websites.

DailyBlogTips conducted a poll asking if one pop-up offering you a newsletter subscription would be enough to make you stop visiting that website?

The results were interesting:

As you can see 64% (or 101 people) answered “no,” meaning that a pop-up would not make them stop visiting a website. On the other side 36% (or 57 people) answered “yes,” meaning that a pop-up would make them stop visiting the website.

I find pop-ups annoying. If it's a new site I'm visiting, I'm likely to leave the site. However, if it's a site that I visit frequently and I know it offers quality content, then I'd probably close the annoying pop-up and stay on the site.

So, how about you? Would you stop visiting a website if it had a pop-up?
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I hate pop-ups specially when I am searching the net and they keep on pooping out I would close the site at once. For me having those kind of crappy/annoying pop-outs make the site also crappy at the same time specially those pop-outs that say "You have won $1.000.000 click me for details" blah blah blah .:D


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It's because high-profile bloggers like Darren Rowse, John Chow and Shoemoney are currently using them on their sites that pop-ups are a hot topic right now.

Unfortunately, many other bloggers are now copying them.


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