Pokémon GO has reached its peak in the US, on the decline now


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In a short span of a few weeks, Pokemon GO has shattered record books (growing incredibly quickly, eclipsing even Google Maps) and also creating an almost ‘cult-like’ following of loyal fans globally. But a recent report from Survey Monkey indicates that Pokemon GO has reached its peak in the US and is now on the decline.

‘Peak Pokemon GO’ activity can be defined in multiple ways. Survey Monkey examined three key indicators and found that they all pointed to Pokemon Go hitting its peak in the US within a week or so of its release.
Pokémon GO’s Daily Active Users peaked on July 14
Survey Monkey notes that in terms of daily active users (DAUs), the largest day for Pokemon GO in the US was July 14th, exactly one week after the game’s debut. According to their estimates, over 25 million smartphone users played the game on that day, though usage levels were fairly steady at just over 25 million users a few days around that time before declining.


Downloads of Pokemon GO peaked the day it was released
Unlike previous record-setting hit games like Draw Something and Candy Crush Saga, which experienced a slow start and then peaked, Pokémon GO’s download numbers were highest on the day it was launced, July 7th. Survey Monkey notes,

Pokemon GO is unusual not just for the size of its success but also the incredible speed of its ascent up the download charts.


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