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I am curious ... I am getting a lot of offers for but all from resellers and low range offers ..

Is there something plz stands for in India I am unaware of ? All I find when I search Google is pretty much short for please ... I am interested if there is something I am missing.

I have had $50 offers, which I accepted only because two other domains were being purchased @ $50 a piece as well ... However payment was an issue for the person and they wanted to pay me through poker sites

Then I had a $100 offer and the person vanished entirely after accepting it.

With 300 + names I expected more general offers .. Even if lowballing but the one domain consistently getting an offer every couple weeks is and I am wondering if it is just people thinking please or if it has some value in India I am missing ?


PLZ may refer to:
Abbreviation for "please", commonly used on online games.
Abbreviation for Postleitzahl, which is German word for postal code
Source: Wikipedia

Germans have been buying .in . If the offer is from German resident, you should be able to sell it for low $xxx.


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