PLZ Help ME! Get My Domains For Less Than $10 Before I Drown!

dear friends at inforum,
i have many domain names i registered at various registrars but unfortunately i have not been able to develop any of them and they will expire this year, i do not have money to renew them right now and im unable to pay for my hosting.
This is not just all, i have to pay off for my education too and lots of bills at house and take care of family too and im drowning into debt though i havent taken any sort of loan myself, its all my dads business problem. Im student, still i have lots of responsibilities on me as my dad retired 2 yrs back. So i would wish you to get my domains for reg fees($10 and and lesser till $9) so that i will be saved. if you wish, then i can develop each domain in its niche for additional cost as im already web designer and developer but have run out of jobs now.

here is the domains with details: - planned domain suggestion service, not developed . Need $25 - social networking, not developed . Need $30 - media(books,ebooks,tutorials) seller not developed . Need $25 - yoga blog, not developed. Need $29.5 - ready warez search site with 2 engines . Need $90.5 - certified premium domain. make offer - make offer

there are many good sites and domains and above prices are a little negotiable for all domains whose price is not $9.5, help me now and grab the domains as fast as you can. if i get funds from alternative source, then i wont sell at these prices.

will accept paypal, alertpay, western union and also check/bank transfer if you're indian.

Thank You Very Much,
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