Pheenix Announces Update – 500% increase in Domain Registrars


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Pheenix sent out an email today that highlights some new changes:

Dear Friend,

It’s been a long time since we have last given you an update on Pheenix. We’ve been quietly working hard to make Pheenix the best Domain Backordering Platform on the planet!

Here are some great new things that we have just completed.

1.500% increase in domain registrars.

Yes that’s right. We have increased the number of registrars that we use to backorder domain names by 500%!

More registrars means we are catching a ton of more great domains for you.

2.New Super Saver pricing plan.

Besides our ‘Gold’ backorders that you have come to love and enjoy, we now have a new domain backordering pricing plan: Super Saver backorders.

Super Saver backorders allow you to pay for backorders at a reduced price point of $13.99/domain. Keep in mind that Gold backorders take priority over a Super Saver backorder.. so for example if one customer has a Gold backorder and another has a Super Saver backorder on it, then the customer with the Gold backorder will win the domain.

Super Saver backorders gives a great option for customers who backorder domains that have little to no competition or for domains with a lower price point in value.

In order to qualify to add Super Saver backorders, you need to have at least 1000 Pheenix Points in your account.

3.New pricing for ‘Gold’ backorders.

Beginning September 15, 2015, pricing for Gold backorders for com/net/org will increase to $21.99. This is substantially lower than our competitors pricing which is more than double our price.

We continue to offer great value for our customers.

Thanks for being a great customer and we’ll have more good news coming very soon.

Tan Tran
CEO Pheenix, Inc.


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