Person behind OnlineDomains bought some $50,000 worth of domains


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The person behind, Konstantinos Zournas shares his new gTLD investment where he has invested some $50,000 for a total of 565 domains at an average of $88 per domain.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"A lot of people are asking me if I like the new extensions, if I am buying New gTLD domain names and how many I own now. Well, it has been over a year since the New gTLD program started so now is the time to reflect on my purchases, success and failures.

Since February 2014 since the first batch of New gTLDs, including .guru, came out from Donuts I have been buying New gTLDs. At first I was buying more but then the registries got smarter as they learned from our purchases and the premium domains were more each week and with higher annual renewal prices.

So here is a detailed report on what I have bought in the past 15 months:

I have bought 565 New gTLD domain names for a total of about $50,000 USD.
The average price paid was $88."

Read about his new gTLD domain purchases and sales here


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A great article! It will be interesting to see how this works out for him.


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