ParkingCrew's Axel Kaltz Acquires in a Way You Never Would Have Expected


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If you are a really valuable client to a company odds are they are going to go out of their way to do something special for you to show how much they appreciate your business. But how often do you hear about a customer, who is so happy with the service they've received, that they go out of their way to do something special for a service provider? After all, the service provider is making money from them and that should thanks enough, right?

Apparently not, at least as far as successful young European domain investor Tim Schoon of, is concerned. Schoon is a client of domain monetization company and was so happy with what the company's Managing Director Axel Kaltz has been able to do with his account he actually gave Axel the domain name, free of charge. And that's not all, Schoon even took the time to build a website on the domain to honor his monetization hero! You've got to admit that, as a token of one'sappreciation, that is way better than a necktie or bottle of cologne! (and just for the record, this information didn't come from Kaltz or Schoon, neither of whom expected anyone else to make note of it).

Source: DNJournal


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