Oops, Hamleys Forgets to Renew Domain



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For a domain owner, forgetting to renew a domain name is like a bad dream come true! Hamleys, one of the world's largest toy stores, recently forgot to renew its domain:

A spokesman for Hamleys admitted its site was inaccessible for at least 36 hours. She said: "Yes, the domain name was not renewed. It was an extremely big oversight, and yes, the timing of it was very unfortunate."
Luckily for Hamleys, it was still able to renew the domain.

Apparently, in 2003, Microsoft forgot to renew Hotmail.co.uk :eek:

He pointed out that Hamleys are not the only company to have been caught out by forgetting to register its domain name. Microsoft forgot to renew its Hotmail.co.uk address in 2003, which was then placed in a pool of available addresses. The person who bought it gave it back to Microsoft, without charging any money.
Source: Hamleys fails to renew web address

I've been to the Hamleys store located in the west end of London, England - it has seven floors of toys, toys and more toys! I wonder how much business Hamleys lost during the website's "downtime"...

Have you ever forgotten to renew a domain?
It looks like they only renewed it for only one year. After this happening, you think they would have renewed it for a full 10 years.
Have you ever forgotten to renew a domain?

Oh yes, when I moved countries 7 years ago I lost a lot of info and subsequently some names one of which sold for nearly mid $xx,xxx a couple of years ago- no I am not telling you.:eek: Too many other things going on at the time, an expensive lesson.

Now I am much more careful.- I hope!


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