O.co rebrand didn't work?


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warbux - you must be having a laugh!!!

Not only is .com king, but .co is a quack extension that has made 90% of its success riding .com's reputation. ultimate gold digger TLD!

.com is king, but that's because its been around for 20 years. new extensions take time to grow and gain popularity, it doesn't happen overnight!

.CO is not for .company. that is an idiotic and hyperoptimistic way of looking at it.

no its not. go around the world and you see companies using the 'co' abbreviation next to their brand!

.CO is Colombia's ccTLD, but it JUST happens to be able to suffice for "company",and is lacking the "M" in .COM.

correct - and it works!

I am happy to see O.co fail. it was a stupid domain from the get go. Since when did people just start jumping on any rag tag stupid,never-proven-its-worth extension???

how can something be proven when not given the time??? how is a new business meant to find a decent .com these days when the market is over-saturated??? how is it rag tag stupid when it fulfills the requirements for new start-ups and entrepreneurs around the world in a rapidly evolving digital age??? how come .co has exploded in value and popularity in the short one and a half years it has been up and running???

lets get back to serious domaining like .in
this is a ccTLD - no use to someone in south africa!! .co represents a global presence!!

maybe you aught to have a re-think mate!!


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'.co' looks like a simple typo mistake for the popular '.com' ..I tried a website 'IndiaConnect.co' failed miserably....First glance looks like i missed the 'm' key on my keyword to a regular user, to the domaining community .co was had hype, but thats just us. Marketing Globally would fail miserably


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