Not all those .blog names will be priced reasonably


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With reports of some new gTLDs failing to perform well during the renewal phase, how do you plan on maintaining high renewal rates?

Matt: By people actually using it! Particularly, with WordPress. If you look at any of the major hosts, typically half or more of their users are using WordPress. Part of that stat is that the great software allows you to have a really compelling site that gets traffic, serves your business, and is easy to update with new versions three times a year.

Blogs are typically better sites on the Internet. They’re typically maintained more, updated more, and more compelling to visitors.

I think pricing will help too. We’re very reasonable on the pricing, so people will be able to consider renewing.

Well reasonable may have a different meaning to some. By checking out Get.Blog here are some of the prices for popular topics:

Domain.Blog $10,000 a year, not one time like Dot Club, but per year.

Hosting.Blog $100,000 a year.

Celebrity.Blog $2,000 a year

Celeb.Blog $200 a year

PremiumDomain.Blog $200 a year

Auto.Blog $100,000 a year

Truck.Blog $2,000 a year

Gaming.Blog $100,000 a year

Gamer.Blog $10,000 a year

To be fair there are some other keywords like Tech and that are showing only $30. Whether that changes or not we will see when we get closer to launch date.

Of course many of these names will go to auction with more than one backorder.



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