Northwest Austin is marketing Weebly like crazy


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Campaign to halt redevelopment is introducing people to website builder Weebly.

Over a hundred of my neighbors in northwest Austin are advertising website builder Weebly. It’s a case where a non-paying customer does more good than a paying one.
How did Weebly pull this off? It didn’t have to do anything at all.

There’s an office complex in the area called Austin Oaks. The 12 building, 450,000 square foot complex has been around for quite some time. The owners want to tear down the complex and create a mixed use development including taller buildings, residences and retail.

That has drawn the ire of many people in the area who are worried about increased traffic and school overcrowding. Their answer has been to fight the so-called Planned United Development (PUD). An organizer created an anti-PUD website and distributed yard signs to many concerned residents in the area.

The website is hosted on Weebly. Instead of spending $4 a month to connect it to a domain name, the creator opted to use Weebly’s free service and host it on a subdomain,


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